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  • Attention Jr Senate we will be meeting today during lunch in Ms. Martinez' class room 725. See you there!
  • During Hispanic Heritage month, it is customary to recognize those individuals that have contributed to American Society and Culture. Today, we will begin by honoring the 1.2 million Hispanics serving in the U.S. armed forces. Throughout the years, many soldiers have made astounding contributions and have also sacrificed their lives for our freedom. In 1976 Army soldier, Richard Edward Cavazos became the first Hispanic general and then in 1982 he became the first Hispanic Four-Star General. He was also awarded two Distinguished Service Crosses, a Silver Star, two Legion of Merit awards, five Bronze Stars with valor, and a Purple Heart amongst others. During his career, he served his country and fought with extraordinary heroism during the Korean and Vietnam wars. He is the first of many that have followed in his footsteps. Join us tonight for some Mighty Lope Football and for Military Appreciation Night. Stay tuned for more facts next week brought to you by Latino Student Alliance!
  • Ladies who are interested in playing soccer for the upcoming season please check your school emails. We will be having pre-season workouts and conditioning on Mondays and Fridays only for the ladies that have been cleared. Come see Mr. Velasquez in room #832 if you have any questions.
  • Good Morning Ladies! Want to be apart of the African American Female Initiative (AAFI) Club? Come join us Today at lunch in room 732. Don't forget and see you there!


  • Today is the last day to turn in Cheer Applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Please turn you applications into Mrs. Ortega in the Activities office no later than 3PM today!
  • Now it is time for some more Hispanic Heritage Facts: Hispanic Heritage is composed of many countries whose official language is Spanish. The Spanish language is the official language in 21 countries across Europe, Africa, Central, South and North America, making it a very important global language. For many people in these places, it is the only way to communicate and all official correspondence and documents are in Spanish. Spanish is also used in schools to teach the curricula. Not only is it the main language for these 21 sovereign states, it also serves as a key language in a handful of dependent territories. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. In fact, 73.3% of Hispanics 5 and older speak Spanish at home. Today, find someone, smile at them and say “Hola”. Repeat after me “Hola” which means hello. Stay tuned for more facts tomorrow brought to you by Latino Student Alliance!
  • AVHS welcomes Penn State Penn State who made a visit to our school today! Here is what we learned: Penn State is located in Pennsylvania and has 20 different colleges and locations in a variety of settings. You can explore the many different majors at The average GPA required for admissions is 3.1 with an SAT score of 1100 or higher. The application for Penn State is available through Penn State, The Common App, or the Coalition App. Penn State has clubs and activities for everyone as well as Sports and Intramural Sports. Check out one of their virtual tours at