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Grade Boost 10/30/21

On Saturday, October 30th, we will be holding our first AV Saturday School Grade Boost Event for the 2021-22 school year, from 8am-12pm - students will be able to complete various assignments with a teacher and boost their grades. We will offer a free Chick-fil-A breakfast and a special lunch to all students.

Complete the link below to sign up:  RSVP:

*If your teacher is not going to be in attendance for this event, you can fill out the Grade Boost Contract form with that teacher, so you know what to complete on grade boost day.


First page of the PDF file: AVHSGradeBoostcontract2021


Testing of Student-Athletes

Dear Antelope Valley High School Families and Staff,

Good evening, recent updates to the guidelines from the County of Los Angeles Public Health Order (Appendix S), require us to reinstate testing for all student-athletes participating in high to moderate contact sports as defined by the LADPH starting tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/1/21. We will not be using the vendor that was previously used for testing and are now using a vendor recommended by Los Angeles County. Please note no insurance information will be collected and no bills will be sent out during this year's testing. Our district is pre-paying for each student-athlete test.

Please see attached "Informed Consent for Covid-19 Testing" form by looking under the "Informed Consent for Covid-19 Testing heading below.

As of today, only student-athlete groups in the "moderate risk," or "high risk," activities must test. Please see the picture below for these activities.


Testing of Student Athlete Information

Which athletes are required to take the weekly test?

  • Asymptomatic athletes who have recovered from/completed isolation for laboratory confirmed Covid-19 within the past 90 days will not need to test.
  • If an athlete on the team has already tested positive the whole team needs to test regardless of vaccination status* until there are 2 weeks of negative results from the team (except for the athletes mentioned in item 1a).
  • If an athlete on the team has not already tested positive, or the team has received two weeks of negative results, then athletes who are vaccinated* will not need to participate in the weekly test.
  • Athletes who are not vaccinated*.

*The county of Los Angeles Public Health states that a person is only considered vaccinated 2 or more weeks after their second dose of a 2-dose Covid-19 vaccination series (Pfizer or Moderna) or 2 or more weeks following a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson).

How often do athletes need to test?

  • Athletes will need to test weekly and a profile for the student will be built. This is not related to any insurance information and will be used to identify the students and communicate test results.

How do we give consent to test?

  • We will need the attached (see below) parent consent completed to test. If the athlete is required to take a Covid-19 test and does not take the test, they will not be able to participate in any athletic competitions.
  • Regardless of vaccination status we recommend all students complete the parent consent form for testing due to the possible requirement for testing based on other students testing positive on your teams.

Which athletic programs will be testing?

  • All student-athletes will be testing eventually.
  • At this time, all athletes participating in Football, Tennis, Cheer, and Girls Volleyball will need to test.

How will the tests be given?

  • For the required weekly testing, the District will provide Covid-19 PRC tests that athletes can self administer under the supervision of school staff. This test requires a swab of the nasal cavity less than one (1) inch.
  • The District will cover all testing expenses and no insurance information will be collected from any student.

What if my student is already vaccinated or has been positive for Covid-19 within the last 90 days?

  • You may submit your evidence of vaccination or proof of recovery/isolation for laboratory confirmed Covid-19 within the past 90 days below.

Informed Consent for Covid-19 Testing Permission Form

 Informed Consent for COVID-19 Testing.docx

You may get a copy of the "Informed Consent for Covid-19 Testing" permission form one of three ways:

  • Print a copy using Microsoft Word: You may get the attached "Informed Consent for Covid-19 Testing" form by downloading the form below.
  • Get a copy from the athletics office
  • Get a copy from your coach

Once you get this form filled out, please return to the athletics office. 

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