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In order to gain access to your scores, please register through the following website: Other resources are also avaiable so be sure to check out the website!


Credit towards specific courses are not granted by the College Board. Instead, colleges and universities establish academic credit granting policy based on the score achieved. Credit and Placement for AP Scores infomation is available both on the College Board web site:

Additionally, check with the specific college or university course cataloge as to what they accept. (This information can be found on their websites.) The links for information to CSUN and UCLA,for example, are listed below:

College Choice Options

Be sure to check out Career and Guidence Center's page and stop by for information on upcoming college admissions test dates, scholarships, application deadlines and more.

Remember, there are many options available for college. Opportunities exist all over the world. Not sure where to start? The Times for Higher Education has just posted World Wide University Rankings and World University Reputations for this year. This can be a great source for beginning your research. They also list Universities by major areas of study...

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Offered 2014-2015

  • Spanish Language, Spanish Literature World History
  • English Language, English Literature US History
  • Environmental Science American Government
  • Calculus AB/BC Psychology


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