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Antelope Valley Alternative Education
AVOSC-AV Senior Supplemental Instruction-AV Independent Study Summer School

How to access the coursework: All course materials are available online. Student should only take courses approved by the counselor and the instructor in charge of their program. AVOSC students will have access to progress reports through the Gmail student account. 

Instructors are available during AVSSI hours posted on twitter. Additional teacher tutors are available during tutoring hours after school in the library.

Access the course information at:


Access the curriculum using the following method if needed:
1.    Go to
2.    Go to tab marked “Staff”
3.    Go to “Staff Directory” in the sub menu
4.    Go to “Jason Chronister” and click on the name
5.    Scroll down and click on:
Once you are able to access the site, the subjects are on the upper right of the website. They are listed by general subject “English” and subcategories “English 11 Semester 1”. Please only choose approved courses by your instructor. Your instructor can assist you in course selections for diploma track and your counselor can address A-G approved course work for college track or grade improvement. 
All test MUST be completed in front of the instructor or they will not be valid. 
Test are located at:
*All test must be stapled to the front of the work and there must be 5 pages of work per credit.
Once coursework is completed the instructor will grade the assignments and provide information to the registrar so your transcript can be updated.
AVAE Curriculum

Please access the curriculum and tests using the attached links:

Accessing the Student Google Apps
If you would like to use the Google Suite in course selection, please do the following:

1.     Go to
2.    Click “sign in” on the upper right of the screen
a.    Your username is your six-digit student ID number (i.e. student number=123456; AVUHSD Google username=123456)
b.    Your e-mail address=
c.    Your default password is first name initial + last name initial + student ID number (i.e. Jack Rabbit  = jr123456)
3.    Trouble accessing your account? Ask a teacher to send a helpdesk request to our friendly school computer technicians.
4.    To access your Google Apps account, go to
5.    Sign in to: for access to curriculum. 

Did you know that all AVHS students have a Google Apps Account? This includes online storage (Google Drive) and a cool school e-mail address ( The standard Internet Use Agreement applies.

Jason Chronister - OSC

Steve Scheper - OSC

Ray Butterfield - APEX

Senior Supplemental:

Amy Hinton




Short term independent study - Linda Martinez