Antelope Valley School District

Green Enterprise Academy


The Green Enterprise (GE) Academy is a new small learning community within Antelope Valley High School that promotes federal, State, and local initiatives in clean energy technologies and prepares future leaders for these industries by providing project-based, college preparatory curriculum and work-based learning opportunities for all students.

Students in the Green Enterprise (GE) Academy will be prepared to enter into clean technology or renewable energy businesses as employees or entrepreneurs. During the July 2010 solar journey, Lancaster mayor, R. Rex Parris, identified a goal for our community to become the alternative energy capital of the world. Antelope Valley High School’s Green Enterprise (GE) Academy supports this vision by placing alternative energy in the context of our community, focusing on the science and math knowledge required to understand sustainability.

GE provides opportunities for integrating academic and business-related instruction, a requirement for addressing California’s green technology initiatives. Our goal is to prepare students to be business leaders and entrepreneurs in clean energy industries within a 21st century global economy. This includes the promotion of solar and renewable energy for California businesses and consumers in accordance with the California Solar Initiative (CSI), the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

Green Enterprise (GE) Academy utilizes a theme and project-based curriculum that integrates a small learning community approach to create a supportive learning environment. Our collaborative partnerships with local business, industry, and community members will support the establishment of mentor programs that provide connections between school, career, and post-secondary educational options for all students.