Antelope Valley School District


AVHS Football

Mission Statement:
“Developing young men through the commitment to and the pursuit of excellence in all that that we do,
from the classroom to the field of competition and everywhere else we have the chance to contribute;
focusing on integrity, character, and the development of a strong work ethic. We are committed to
investing in the lives of our student-athletes through academic support, off-season lifting and
conditioning programs, our leadership development program, and community service projects.”

Vision Statement:
The goal of the Antelope Valley HS Football Program is to become the best program in the state of
California. All student athletes who would benefit the football program or would benefit from
participating in football will be on the field of competition. Football players will be leaders in the
classroom and in the hallways of school, making them better employees and, in some cases, better
bosses in the future. The Antelope Valley HS Football Program takes great pride in knowing that it has a
part in developing young men and women into better sons/daughters, better brothers/sisters, better
husbands/wives, and better fathers/mothers.

Goal Statement:
The football coaching staff celebrates the achievements of its student-athletes. All football staff and
players are committed to high standards of morality and integrity. The football team will be held to
these high standards both on the field of competition and in the classroom. Student-athletes will be
well-disciplined and fundamentally sound competitors. Student-athletes will be prepared to be better
citizens in society.

Athletic Clearance Information

Contact Information

Jermaine Lewis - Head Coach | | (661) 339-4781

Assistant Coaches

Our college signees for the last 5 years: 

Antelope Valley HS Collegiate Athletes (2015-Pres)
• Jeff Clay '15- SDSU
• Frank Molina '16- Cal Lutheran Univ
• Tyrese Dedmon '17- Univ. Of Idaho
• Morrell Osling '17- UCLA
• Moses Robinson-Carr '17- UCLA
• Devon Williams '18- (USC) Univ of Oregon
• Khalib Johns '18- (CoC) Kent st. University
• Bradley Brown '18- (CoC) Northen Arizona
• Jaylen Perdue '18- (AVC) Hawaii
• Dylan Hall '19- Boise State
• Jamaal Bell '19- Univ of Nevada-Reno
• Caden Hinton '19- Western Oregon Univ.
• Dajour Dixon '19- Fordham University
• Mykael Wright '19- Univ of Oregon
• Jordan Jones '19 - Hiriam University