Antelope Valley School District

Dental Assisting

Do you want to be a dentist, registered dental assistant or pursue other careers in the dental industry?

Dentistry can be an exciting career that incorporates technology, health, biology, anatomy, and chemistry.

Now Accepting Applications

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1. Is the dental assisting program only offered at AVHS? Yes, it is only offered at AVHS - But any student that is part of the AVUHSD can apply. 

2. Do I have to provide my own transportation to AVHS? – Yes, but if there is more than one student coming from a school site, I would suggest that you carpool with them. 

3. What periods is the dental assisting program offered? – The dental assisting program is offered at AVHS during 6/7th period only. The student will have B lunch and no 5th period – the student will use 5th period to use to get to AVHS on time.

4. Are there any costs involved with the program? 

a. $50 lab fee that includes the student’s HOSA membership fee, a club shirt, and some disposable supplies in the lab. 

b. Student’s are responsible to purchase their own grey scrubs and white patent leather shoes

c. Dental Graduation Cap, Gown $40 - Can be purchase at the end of April 2025

5.       Will we go on any fieldtrips? 

a. Required trips – funding will be raised by students with yearly fundraiser

                 i.      Anaheim – overnight trip

b. Optional – but highly encouraged

                 i.      Cal-HOSA State Leadership Conference (only required if you are in leadership) 

6.       Will I have to spend extra time doing stuff for the Dental Assisting Program?

a.       Summer Teamwork Workshop (optional)

b.      Community Service – 40hrs required

c.       Leadership Team (optional)

d.      Fundraisers – 5 – 6 (maybe more) per school year

e.      Club days

f.        1 Saturday for CPR 

7.       Other information

a.       No acrylic nails, long nails or nail polish while in uniform. 

b.      All students will only be able to miss a maximum of 5 days of class for the first semester– for any reason

c.       The program is during 6/7th period – You will not be able to play any sports that have practice during this time. (Talk to your coach to see if they will allow you to come to practice after dental assisting class)

d.      There are no facial piercings while in uniform

e.     You will be a dental assistant when you are completed - YOU WILL NOT BE LICENSED - but you will be on the pathway of getting your license. 

f.     This class is 10 elective credits per semester. You must finish 1st semester with an 80% or better to continue on to 2nd