Antelope Valley School District

School Site Council


The School ​Site ​C​ouncil​ (SSC) of Antelope Valley High School​ is the governing body of the school and is responsible to carry​ out​ the duties​ listed below. The SSC consists of three (3) parents, three (3) students, one (1) Counselor, (3) teachers, the Principal, and one (1) classified staff member​​.  

Responsibilities are:
 Develop and approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement
 Obtain recommendations for the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement from all stakeholders and any applicable school advisory committees (Ed Code64001)
 Develop and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations.
 Recommend the plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval.
 Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the plan with​ the principal, teachers, and other school staff members.
 Make modifications to the plan whenever the need arises.
 Submit the modified plan for governing board approval whenever a material change (as defined in district governing board policy) is made in planned activities or related expenditures.
 Annually, (and at each semester, trimester, etc.), evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the academic achievement of all students.
 Carry out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state law.

Antelope Valley High School is currently seeking nominations from students who are
interested in serving on the School ​Site ​C​ouncil​ (SSC). The School Site Council is a
governing body that reviews funding and programs to insure our students' have a safe
learning environment and the tools necessary to increase their success. We meet four
to five times per year for approximately one hour. Serving on the SSC looks great on
college applications and can count towards community service for clubs on campus. If
you are interested in serving on the SSC, please click on the link below and it will take
you to the Student nomination form: